Investment Management

We offer investment guidance spanning a wide array of assets, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, and currencies. We provide recommendations for investments in both publicly traded and privately held securities. When it comes to publicly traded assets, we grant access to global stock, bond, options, and futures markets. In the case of privately held securities, we might suggest investments in private equity and hedge funds. We create tailored strategies for our clients that take into account their individual circumstances.

In accordance with our investment mandate, we assume responsibility for managing assets and/or offering ongoing investment advice to our clients. We make adjustments to our clients’ portfolios based on various factors, including but not limited to valuation, company-specific information, market sentiment, micro and macroeconomic shifts, and technical analysis.

  • Discretionary Investment Management

We provide discretionary asset management services, granting RWA the autonomy to make and oversee investments in a client’s account without the need for prior client consultation. We take charge of deciding which securities are purchased and sold, as well as the overall value of these transactions. Clients have the option to impose limitations on their accounts, such as restrictions or prohibitions on specific securities, types of assets, or asset categories. Our goal is to attain a return rate that aligns with the client’s objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, tax considerations, and any imposed restrictions.

  • Non-Discretionary Investment Management

We provide investment guidance on a non-discretionary basis, which means that clients must give their approval before transactions are executed. The added time needed for transaction approvals introduces an additional layer of operational risk, which is considered when making recommendations. Consequently, portfolios managed under a non-discretionary framework may exhibit variations compared to portfolios managed with full discretion.

  • Oversight of External Parties

RWA provides oversight for external investment advisors and managers. This supervision involves continuous monitoring of investment actions, as well as periodic assessments of investment performance, adherence to investment policies, and the overall quality of service. Clients grant us a limited power of attorney over their accounts with external parties to ensure we have access to essential information.